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IVR Integration

Make IVR work for you

IVR lets your customers help themselves, whether they need to get or leave information, perform a transaction or be directed to someone with particular expertise for help. Callers can use a touchtone telephone or speak their requests (if using speech recognition technology) and a computerized database will provide step-by-step assistance.

IVR Technology lets you serve your customers fast, with reliability and consistency, any time they want – day, night, weekends and holidays.

Benefits of IVR Technology:

  • Never miss an opportunity to serve customers
  • Customers get consistent responses, every time
  • Callers follow simple menu-guided prompts to gain information they need

IVR systems can easily be customized to handle specific business requirements, such as:

  • provide up-to-date account information
  • accept credit card payments
  • conduct automated surveys
  • track delivery dates and shipments
  • provide directions, business hours, fax numbers and parking instructions
  • let customers purchase products, refill prescriptions or check order status
  • marketing and sale announcements

Let the IVR system speedily handle mundane transactions while re-directing more-costly human talent to provide personalized services and solve problems.

Squarei creates solutions to support many different business applications, providing the ability to invest human resources where human intervention makes the most sense.