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Project Management

Tools & Process

Squarei Technologies believes that strong and effective project management is the key to successful projects. We’ve invested a lot into our project management staff, tools and process to ensure that the deliverables are successfully delivered on time and on budget. We have successfully managed projects across the country from Colorado to Boston. All of our projects leverage the following project management tools and processes:

Dedicated Project Manager

The project will have a dedicated project manager who will serve as the single point of contact.

Project Status Reports

Project status reports are sent to the entire team bi-monthly or monthly. The report clearly describes recent deliverables, upcoming activities as well as the status of both the timeline and budget.

Online Issue Management System

Our online issue tracking system (SharePoint) keeps all high level project tasks, issues and feedback organized. SharePoint allows our clients to log issues and requests that will be received by our internal development team. SharePoint also allows for monitoring of progress of each issue progresses from initial logging to resolution and closure.

State of the Art Web Conferencing

Even though in-person meetings are important, for quick discussions and brainstorming sessions, we sometimes rely upon our online conferencing tool for quick project discussions. The tool (GoToMeeting or GoToMyPC) allows for remote meetings, file sharing, video, notes and online collaboration.