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Why Use .NET?


No matter what business you are in, it is extremely important to understand how much something will cost before you undertake the venture, and software is no exception. TPC, the Transaction Processing Performance Council, an independent bench marker, has established a set of standard tests for software that tracks the cost per transaction, including hardware, software maintenance and licensing. Typically, as a system’s volume increases, it realizes diminishing marginal returns on investment. For example, if you double the hardware, you do not double the volume. However, Microsoft’s .NET technology consistently achieves a linear cost-per-transaction model; if you double the hardware, you double the volume. By achieving this level of consistency, Microsoft helps companies establish cost predictability as systems are grown to support the business.

Microsoft .net

Business Opportunities

Information is the key for identifying and seizing new business opportunities. Currently, many information systems are islands of information and organizations use their employees to ship this information from island to island. As a result, many automated business process require manual intervention. These manual steps create friction in the process. To maximize efficiency is to minimize this friction. Microsoft .NET seeks to increase the communication and interoperability between an organization’s information systems, thereby reducing the friction in the business.

Microsoft .NET tools were designed to directly address communication problems between systems. Using .NET technology to develop bridges that integrate systems helps companies create end-to-end solutions. This gives companies a complete picture of what is going on in their businesses, which reduces manual processes and costs.

Microsoft .NET tools also allow companies to take advantage of new ways of doing business. Many custom built software solutions, designed to support the sales and information sharing processes, were developed for PC workstations or laptop computers. These solutions worked fine, but then became cumbersome when users needed to travel as part of their job. Developing hand held solutions is a great alternative, but those required additional expense. The .NET Framework reduces this cost by allowing companies to easily move PC software to PDA.