Our process uses the best elements of the agile methodology to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget


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What makes our process unique? We start by meeting with key stakeholders to define and outline the goals, objectives, and success metrics for the project. We gather specifics on the target audience, content, desired functionality, architecture, budget, timeline, and scope. Our team analyzes this information and drafts the project plan.

Upon your approval of the project plan, we get to work––designing an app or system with the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) at the forefront of consideration. You are provided with a preview of the design and are invited to share feedback and changes. Once the design, functionality, and architecture are in place, we begin the development process. Using an MVP (minimum viable product) strategy, we deploy in iterations after each successful develop–demo–test cycle, getting your product to market sooner.

The best of agile

Our process has been refined over the years to an agile approach with a MVP (minimum viable product) strategy. This means that our goal is to get your product successfully to market as quickly as possible, with less important functionality added incrementally. This methodology allows us to stay on time and on budget, and allows you to test the market and make changes as needed.

Our project teams feature a diverse combination of skills, ability, and expertise

We have an extremely low turnover rate at Squarei, each of our development teams has worked together for over seven years with our key leaders averaging over fifteen years. We work really well together, challenge each other, and don't drop the ball. Each team includes a project manager, UI/UX expert, subject matter expert (you!), architect, developers, and QA.

Communication is key

Our project management method ensures continuous communication between our team and yours. We are always available for questions or comments. You can catch us through video conferencing, Slack, Skype, Hangout, Mail or any other communication channel of your choice.

You Wowed Him!

The Squarei team hit it out of the park with the development of our latest feature set. When I showed my director how fast and clean the new search functionality is he literally said "Wow".


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