10 Benefits of Staff Augmentation for Your Development Needs

June 28, 2022

If your project backlog is never-ending, augmenting your in-house team with an experienced developer is a way to scale quickly and meet deadlines. For development firms, staff augmentation is usually project-based and contracts can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Here are 10 benefits of using staff augmentation to expand your team's capabilities:

1. You maintain control of your systems by keeping them in-house.

Staff augmentation lets you remain in charge as opposed to outsourcing your development needs to another firm. Your temporary developer becomes a member of your team, working alongside your staff and toward your vision.

2. You save money.

Staff augmentation is one of the most cost-effective ways to expand your team. There is no need to pay the salary, benefits, or taxes for an employee. You don’t need to provide an office or workspace. It also ensures you aren’t stuck with a new full-time employee twiddling his or her thumbs after your project is complete.

3. You can scale to your needs

Do you need help for 24 hours one week and 4 hours the next? What about full-time assistance for a two-month-long project only? Staff augmentation gives you the flexibility to add a developer to your team for only the hours you need.

4. You avoid the hassle of recruiting and hiring new staff members.

Who has time to create job postings and filter through dozens of resumes and applications? Skipping the recruiting process all together and working directly with a firm who can match you with a developer with the technical skills and ability you are looking for.

5. You can quickly add specialized skill sets to your team.

Need a database architect for one short-term project and a front-end developer for another? Staff augmentation allows you to select the specific skill set you require for the time frame that you desire.

6. You allow your current staff to do what they do best.

Instead of pulling your current development team off of their day-to-day duties for a new project or working them overtime and risking burnout, you can use staff augmentation to supplement your workforce and manage the projects your team doesn’t have time for.

7. You have instant access to expert talent.

Instead of turning to Google to expand your knowledge on development, custom architecture, or database development, you can learn from the developer who temporarily joins your team through staff augmentation.

8. You get a fresh perspective.

Having a new pair of eyes to look at your organization’s processes and procedures can provide new ideas and shine light on inefficiencies.

9. You no longer have to miss deadlines.

When your team running at max capacity and deadlines are looming, adding a developer to your team can help you keep to your timeline and avoid disappointing project stakeholders.

10. There are no geographical limitations.

There are certain areas of the country where talented developers are few and far between, or where specialized skill sets can’t be found. Staff augmentation allows you to add a developer to your team who matches your requirements, but works remotely.

Though Squarei Technologies is primarily a web development firm, we offer staff augmentation in the areas of software development, web application development, native mobile applications, database design, and custom integrations. Our developers work out of our Fort Collins, Colorado location, not India, and therefore are available during normal business hours. Contact us at (970) 377-0077 to learn more, or read more about our staff augmentation services here.